3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Blinds

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Without a doubt there are a lot of options for you to consider when choosing which outdoor blinds will work best for your needs. Cheap blinds may seem tempting but are extremely vulnerable to weather, falling debris and temperature changes.  Keep in mind, outdoor blinds are exposed to the weather and sun every single day, so you need to make sure you’re buying something that will look great and function properly for years, not just the first few months.


Are the blinds sealed with a track?

The edges of regular channel blinds sit freely allowing them to flap in the air. This can often cause the material to dislodge in place.

Ziptrak’s track-guided blinds offer a solution completely sealing both the left and right edges. his means wind, rain and insects aren’t able to pass through. Track-guided blinds won’t flap in the wind and don’t slip out of the track. They can be left down in much higher wind, so you’re not having to raise the blind at the slightest sign of bad weather.


Are there zips, ropes or a crank handle?

Old style outdoor blinds use ropes or pullies to lower and raise the blind, and zips to secure the blind into place. These systems are highly susceptible to damage as many parts of the blind are constantly exposed to the elements and zips often become jammed.

Crank blinds require you to spin a handle round and round, typically for at least a minute each blind. Retracting (raising) the blind is slower than lowering the blind and takes more effort. Crank systems normally have exposed componentry susceptible to weather and you’ll have to store the crank stick somewhere.

Spring-balanced Ziptrak track-guided blinds are robust and designed to withstand years of tough Australian weather conditions. With a completely aluminium system and no need for exposed zips, pullies or cumbersome crank handle – they’ll look good and operate well for many years longer than other products.


Is it easy to operate?

Crank blinds are much more time consuming and cumbersome to operate. Some people will also struggle to raise multiple blinds with all the energy and time each blind takes.

Getting underway with your next project? We are able to give you a free measure and quote for your next indoors outdoors space. Head over to our contact page to ask us something.

Or you could always browse our products. This is of course including our Ziptrak range we offer.

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