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Auto Awnings

One of the most common of all sunblind designs is the auto awning or the ‘ASB’. It operates on guide rods, allowing the blind to be easily adjusted and is available in a range of sizes to suit most styles of home window.

What is the ideal function and location for auto awnings?

Auto awnings are ideal for windows that are in direct contact with the sun, as they reduce heat and glare. Auto awnings are most suited to the ground storey of a house.

Fixed Guide Awnings

A fixed guide awning is ideal for upper storey or hard to reach windows. A fixed guide awning will successfully deflect the sun’s harmful rays before it reaches the window, reducing summer cooling costs as well as provide privacy for exposed areas.

How do fixed guide awnings work?

Fixed guide awnings operate on guide bars which are permanently fixed to outside existing walls of the home. Operating a fixed guide awning can be made simple with a touch of a button as Indoors Outdoors Blinds and Shades can install solar powered motorisation or supply a more traditional control rope and pulley kit.

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings provide shade on demand. At the touch of a button, you can go from full, open sky to shade in just moments.

When not in use, the awning is neatly enclosed within it’s aluminium cassette. 
The built-in motion sensor will ensure the safety of your awning in windy weather. If conditions are too rough, the awning will automatically retract back to safety.

The awning extends and retracts silently.

Control the amount of Sun or Shade across your outdoor entertaining area right from where you’re sitting!

LIZA Veranda System

The LIZA Veranda system is a motorised, horizontal shading solution ideally suited to court yards, existing pergolas, skylights or anywhere in your entertaining space that requires shade on demand.

If you would like a veranda that completely opens and closes, is stylish and extremely well built out of high quality aluminium that doesn’t rust, a remote controlled LIZA Veranda System provides shade to your outdoor area at the push of a button.

How does the LIZA Veranda System work?

The LIZA Veranda System is an automatic blind that permanently holds fabric under tension. The permanent tension keeps the blind looking taut and smooth when the blind is either half way out or fully extended.

Operated by gas struts and stainless steel cables encased in aluminium extruded track and is driven by a powerful Somfy motor. A selection of modern canvas and acrylic fabrics are available to choose from.