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Ziptrak™ Blinds

Indoors Outdoors Blinds and Shades is Melbourne’s premier installer of Ziptrak® Blinds since day one.

Ziptrak® blinds keep areas cool in Summer & warm in Winter, so you can enjoy your outdoor living area no matter what the season.

The track guided blind system locks your blind fabric into special tracks, with no gaps at either side to secure against the weather and eliminate flapping in the wind. IDEAL for clear PVC

No Zips

No Ropes

No Straps

No Buckles

Blinds are available either in PVC or shademesh. We supply a large range of quality fabrics and materials that guarantee strength and wind resistance.

To find out more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or simply call 1300 553 823 and chat to our friendly staff.

Protect against UV rays and insects

A stylish solution for added privacy

Protection from the wind and rain