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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive our full and complete 3 year warranty. After that, any future repairs are completed at cost. We do not like to make money from fix ups – we stand by our product.

We will use extruded PVC (or 'marine grade'). This is used because of its clarity. In addition to this, our years of experience have shown us it is the PVC most resistant to scratching which is beneficial when it comes to external blinds.

It is made in Japan. We recommend using Japanese PVC for outdoor blinds because of its high quality and consistency.

Outdoor blinds have come a long way since the old days of zippers, ropes and pulley kits! This older style of blind system is still available and we offer this for those wanting them.
However, for ease of operation, strength and style you simply can’t beat the Ziptrak® blind system. In our opinion, Ziptrak® Blinds are the best blinds on the market.

Available in both clear PVC and shade mesh fabrics, if you are looking to turn your pergola into a room, Ziptrak® is the best option for you.

It is made in Japan. We recommend using Japanese PVC for outdoor blinds because of its high quality and consistency.

Ziptrak external blinds have what is called a ‘spline’ tape (made from Cordura) running vertically down each side of the blind.  This Cordura tape feeds into a narrow aluminium extrusion that secures each side of the blind. What this means for your outdoor area is no flapping or rattling. The blind will stay secure and not become a hazard.

Once we have approval from you to start work, installation is completed generally within four weeks.

25% deposit and balance on completion.

We are also able to offer payment plans to eligible customers.


Interest free options for our spa range.

Yes. Ziptrak® can be made with ShadeView, Vista Weave, Visiontex or Outlook  fabrics in all available colours.

A valance is a draft stopping skirt at the bottom of the blind. A valance is a great thing to have in colder climates (Melbourne in winter!) to help keep the cold air out so you can enjoy your outdoor room in greater comfort.

Yes! Clear PVC by nature is permeable which means that moisture is easily absorbed or can penetrate the fabric.  Under certain atmospheric conditions such as cool, dewy mornings the film can demonstrate a milky or cloudy appearance. Fortunately though, this is reversible. The Sun can be your external blinds best friend. Direct sunlight and heat will draw out any moisture and restore the fabric to its previous and original clarity.

All our blinds are ‘made to measure’ so whatever your opening sizes are we can do.

However, we do have a series of rules we follow at Indoors Outdoors Blinds and Shades to ensure the integrity of the blinds are maintained. In PVC we generally will not exceed 3400mm (spring loaded) with a drop of 2900mm. With Shade Mesh fabrics we can extend wider, up to 3800mm.

These limitations help to ensure the structural integrity of your external blinds and outdoor for years to come.

Yes. We supply and install fixed or removable posts where needed.

No. We can and regularly do fit external blinds to timber, steel, brick and tile areas. It is also worth noting that turned posts and balustrades are not a problem either.


Easy! Simply download our “Blinds Care and Maintenance” Guide. It will give you detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to ensure your external blinds stay looking great for years! In short though: VuPLEX & Micro-Fibre towels.

Another helpful resource is the Ziptrak User Guide.

We do suggest however that you have your blinds professionally cleaned once a year. Our qualified installers are able to assist you with this. Please call our office to book in your clean.